— November 29, 2023
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We present in our mini-documentary the affectionate and warm encounter we had with the legacy of designer and architect Sergio Rodrigues. The creator of significant modernist furniture left extensive documentation of his life and work, now organized in the Sergio Rodrigues Institute. Our creative director, André Namitala, delved into this archive, visited the furniture factory, forged personal and creative bonds, and opened drawers - with photographs, projects, drawings, and people. He found the essence of a festive, hearty, playful man who worked with passion throughout his life. In addition to documenting the process of creating a collection, the film reveals peculiar aspects of Rodrigues' personality, little known and addressed.

The images honor collective and manual work and what emerges from this encounter between the two ateliers. The film brings memories from the childhood of his children, of the cook Dina who worked for many years in Sergio's house, speeches from designer and cousin Fernando Mendes, and the executive director of the Institute, Renata Aragão. These last two are responsible for maintaining the Institute and the Sergio Rodrigues Atelier. We can hear the account of designer André Namitala on how this encounter unfolded and the dive into Brazilian modernism, which would inspire the atmosphere of Handred's stores and collections forever.

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