Capelinha represents nostalgia in the present. It brings memories from childhood and from a place where music guides the rhythm of the day. Handred’s new film brings the force of nature to the bodies that wear the fabrics like cocoons. With artisanal materials, the new collection warms the mountain breeze. The experience is complete, like a thermal sensation: fog in the hills, bonfires, blankets, cashmere, knitting, and velvet; as well as the ever-present linen and silk.

The film is set in the village of Capelinha and this unconscious place is projected by the grains of the images captured by the Super 8 camera. Just like when we open a photo album at a family gathering, the film evokes memories, aromas, temperatures, soundscapes, and movement.

The texture is made by the grains of earth and of analog film, by the fingering on the guitar, and by the feel of the skin on the tambourine. It is the experience of singing along and allowing oneself to be enveloped by the climate of the nocturnal forest and green valleys.

Capelinha is a symbol and also an invitation:
Acoustic relief, playful rhythm, return to roots.


Tall village
Here, there is no asphalt
Every road is fertile

The waters rise
The earth opens
The body knows

There are lots of MPB 
There is silence and secrets
There is that which you don’t see

Children grow up differently
There are turtles and springs
June festivals and swimming pools

A natural dive
Brazil of clay
Earthen ground

Milton, Chico, atabaque
Hey Jude with an accent
Samba circle, deep river
The world spins