Introduction to the Collection, Vinicius Alencar

For reasons of scale, proportion, and time, we place clothes and furniture in what initially seems like different scenarios, at first glance. But many intersections, encounters, and coincidences reveal more intimacy between clothing and furniture pieces than we can imagine. For those who still have doubts, the Sergio Rodrigues Collection, the first entry of three, arrives in Handred stores on Wednesday, October 18th, and is the ideal answer.

"This project with Handred was from the beginning an unprecedented challenge. The first partnership we did with the Sergio Rodrigues Institute in a commercial format, and the first time we associated Sergio's work with the world of fashion. The genuine enthusiasm, the serious and creative way in which André Namitala conducts his work gave us the confidence to move forward," reveals Fernando Mendes, a key name in Sergio's legacy, with whom he worked and lived for almost thirty years, being the owner of Sergio Rodrigues Atelier.

"The good surprises came already in the first approvals of the prints. With a very particular look, André [Namitala] proposed uncommon solutions that play with shapes and designs, bringing a breath of fresh air to new media for Sergio Rodrigues' work," he anticipates. Speaking of the prints, there are three highlights: Perspectives, which, as the name suggests, brings everyday episodes in a colorful version with a watercolor-like touch. In Characters, there's a 70s black and white perfume enriched by meticulous embroidery. And, no less important, Cuiabá, which celebrates one of Sergio's most famous lines, is less figurative and more graphic.

The most impressive part is that facing a prolific production and collection, the creative director focused on electing Sergio's classics and revealing some unpublished sketches. "The biggest challenge was to synthesize something so grand. At a certain point, I had to think 'Whoa, I need to stop here and dive deeper.' That's the only way I could deliver this collection. I learned through this collaboration the power of synthesis, and how there are so many possibilities in just two materials, leather and wood. This purity made me see even more commonalities between our crafts. Both are figures of speech, ways to express ourselves: just as you dress and convey a message, the inside of your house reveals about you just as much. Additionally, I discovered more about comfort, something that already existed in my clothing and flourished even more through this contact," reflects André Namitala.

"For me, it was like going to college, living with these two people [Renata Aragão and Fernando Mendes] who knew him personally and were so generous since they opened the doors in so many ways and places: the Atelier, the Institute, Sergio's own home," he concludes. The Sergio Rodrigues Collection, which will be shown during SPFW, began negotiations two years ago, with the creative and exchange process between Handred's and Sergio Rodrigues's studios taking just over a year. But the encounter won't be celebrated only during the fashion show: besides supporting the Instituto Sergio Rodrigues' archiving team for a whole semester, all five Handred stores will be furnished with SR pieces. There's also a documentary about the collaboration, an exhibition, and the release of a zine, all scheduled for the last quarter of 2023.

Regarding the collection itself, it is one of Handred's most extensive, with over 100 limited pieces, using the brand's characteristic materials: linen, silk, velvet, and, unexpectedly, leather, worked in a very gentle and non-wintery way. Standout elements include wooden embroidery, a product of the collaboration between the studios, as well as those that reproduce objects and furniture in small 2D scales. Added to Handred's free and unpretentious silhouette are exercises with new volumes and proportions—especially in the women's collection. The color palette, in addition to the expected wood tones, features a very Rodrigues-like combination of vibrant red and pistachio (Sergio's favorite colors). It's described as utilitarian, modernist, and with Brazilian sensuality that invites rather than intimidates, in one word: genuine.

*Part of the sales proceeds from the Sergio Rodrigues Collection will be donated to the Instituto Sergio Rodrigues.

About Sergio Rodrigues:

Sergio Rodrigues (1927 – 2014) is the greatest name in national furniture design, known in Brazil and abroad as the creator of genuinely Brazilian furniture. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he understood the meaning of the word design from an early age when he conceived and crafted his toys: cars, boats, and airplanes.

Graduating in 1952 from the National School of Architecture of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Sergio was committed from the start to creating furniture that accompanied the innovation of Brazilian architecture, which was gaining worldwide notoriety in the 1950s. Sergio believed that furniture should reflect the culture of its origin and provide the comfort suitable for the climate and our more relaxed way of living, at a time when strictly functional furniture and international design were valued.

About Instituto Sergio Rodrigues:

Founded in October 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, the Instituto Sergio Rodrigues is a non-profit association aimed at preserving the master's collection and making it available to the general public, mainly to students and researchers from Brazil and the world. It also promotes and encourages knowledge and dialogue on Brazilian architecture and design.

About Sergio Rodrigues Atelier:

Sergio Rodrigues Atelier produces part of the Sergio Rodrigues collection artisanally, following traditional woodworking techniques. All their pieces are numbered and certified. It conveys the way of seeing and living the life of the master of Brazilian design. The brand rediscovers its history through unique furniture pieces, stimulating sensations and stimulating the desire of those who value experiencing beauty and pleasure. The professionals dedicated to perpetuating Sergio Rodrigues' legacy are driven by passion and enthusiasm to give life to unique and timeless projects.