Copacabana is a collection that was always about to happen. The connection with the neighborhood is part of our matrix. It is in Copacabana that we create and produce, it is there that we live out our paths and routines – with a feeling of being home. In a year like this one, we just so happened to talk about it: our territory, the ground that supports our feet.

We naturally arrived in Copacabana, feeling its magnetism. A neighborhood filled with memories of fashion, visual icons, rhythms, and people. It is a living culture, a meeting of flows. It is, above all, inspiration.

The collection pays homage to the boutiques clothing companies of yesteryears, to grandma’s testimonies, and the enduring beauty of the streets, and the sea. On the prints, the patterns and geometries resonate with a nostalgic tone. Materials and colors from the past, timeless images, and memories. Copacabana and what remains. Copacabana and time passing through it.

Time, by the way, became a fundamental element. Originally, the collection was going to be launched in April, with winter pieces. With all the unforeseen events of 2020, it became a high summer collection. From cold to heat, therefore. Months of gestation and transmutation went by. Ideas were bifurcated, became capsules, and gained expansions. The Copacabana motif ended up taking us to other places: from the Interior to our Reconstruction.

We had to accept the new rhythm, the tensions, and changes – immaterial factors of the neighborhood, as well. It was a very intense process, just like Copacabana: full of surprises, memories, and symbologies. We accepted the break in expectations – and absorbed it. Adaptation was our creative force.

As we support proper care and isolation, we will launch the collection in a runway-film, on SPFW’s platform. In it, Copacabana transcends inspiration and becomes the main character, the guiding thread, and, especially, a space of traversal – where multiple perspectives extend in the horizon.

Summer will come, despite everything. The Sun continues to rise.


Summer will come, despite everything
The Sun continues to rise
The sea will fill up once again

We traverse Copacabana
And it envelops us
Continuous dive, presence

The past walks through corners
The memories captivate the body
What we see touches us

Geometric patterns
Contours of nature
Rhymes of time

The decades fit into it
The winds blow stronger
Encounters are reborn

Sun, windows, parasols
Curves and melodies
The delight of days 

Its drawings replicated
Its face, a postcard

Copacabana, since before
Copacabana, after all