After an extremely difficult phase, we can now go back to touching, hugging, feeling. We are collectively being reborn, with other parameters. 2022 has been a big landmark, the year of the return to freedom. It is also the year in which we reach 10 years of existence.

Facing the decade gives us immense strength, consolidates our will do carry on. Many emotions led us to this point. We’ve had butterflies in our stomach, chills of joy, doubts and certainties. There were many phases, with highs and lows – typical – of long paths.

Looking back at the whole journey, we like to extol one feeling: the passion for our work. Heat has always guided our hands. And to open the celebration, we went back to our roots, our raison d’etre: the Atelier. Celebrating this anniversary is celebrating the many lives that fill our days. Our Atelier is a continuous force, it is the rhythm of creation. The stage of all scenes, where the seams progress, where the feet mark beats – with harmonies and dynamics. The cut of the scissors, the continuity of the line, the subtlety of the embroidery: each detail makes up this orchestra, in a cadence that nourishes our essence.

The festive atmosphere entered our collection, along with a desire for expansions: volumes, reliefs, layers, transparencies, textures. In unprecedented experiments, the red arrives, warms, grows. Like a bonfire that gives meaning to the party.

We managed to look at our journey with more boldness. We returned to the basic materials, proposing encounters. The silks gains the comfort of the wool, the velvet breathes with the linen, the linen welcomes the knitting. We invent new threads to shape new freedoms.

The fusions also appear on the prints, with elements highlighted: beads. The accessories, in a sculptural attitude, have more playful shapes. Everything is bigger, more outward, more passionate.

With blood and desires, we stretched the limits. The hands, more experimental, give form to the dream, coloring life with fantasy.

One decade, many acts.

We allow for theater.