Reconstruction is our annual collection of limited pieces made from recycled fabrics, dye tests, unused materials, and prints.

We chose to reconstruct ourselves from our history and activate everything we have. Re-editing, recreating, and tracing new routes. Our collection is our treasure, our living archive, our fertility.

We open our closets and air out the fabrics, revive prints, and give a new face to the past. The prices are special and inferior to the nature of the fabrics and the quality of the manual labor.

With super limited stock and with no reruns, it is an opportunity to have an almost exclusive piece of ours with a recycling slant. The chance of rescuing an old print. A dear, missing model. The atelier seeks renovation and the production of less waste. A point turns into a tale and so we connect the threads of our story.

Our first intention with recycling came about when we thought about our packaging. The lateral strips on the Handred bags are made from residual fabrics, which were doomed to be discarded. It is a way of re-signifying the fabrics and valuing the packaging. The bag becomes another useful piece, which can be used at the beach, for shopping, and for whatever your imagination creates. 

In addition to the Reconstruction collection, we offer custom services directly from our atelier and stores, aiming to better reuse the clothes in your body. Learn more at CUSTOM