Caso, com Chay Suede e Laura Neiva - Sorteio Dia dos Namorados

Caso, com Chay Suede e Laura Neiva - Sorteio Dia dos Namorados

— May 29, 2024
Assista ao nosso filme de Dia dos Namorados e tenha acesso à fotos exclusivas do backstage. Nas compras de vestuário no período de 29/05 a 12/06 concorra a uma noite no Fairmont Rio. Veja o regulamento aqui. LEIA MAIS
Handred em Arte na Moda: MASP Renner - Nossas peças

Handred em Arte na Moda: MASP Renner - Nossas peças

— March 20, 2024
Apresentamos nossas 3 peças criadas em conjunto com o artista Ayrson Heráclito que integram a exposição Arte na Moda: MASP Renner no MASP. A criação dessas peças foram possíveis a partir de muitos encontros, aulas com trocas de saberes e uma pesquisa profunda somada ao trabalho da equipe do atelier Handred. LEIA MAIS
Handred em Arte na Moda: MASP Renner - A roupa como obra de arte

Handred em Arte na Moda: MASP Renner - A roupa como obra de arte

— March 20, 2024
Conheça a história do acervo de indumentária do MASP que mudou a forma como a moda e a arte eram vistas no Brasil e que agora fazemos parte junto a outros estilistas e artistas. LEIA MAIS
Frevo, Mangueira e Formigas - Especial Carnaval

Frevo, Mangueira, and Ants - Carnival Special

— February 08, 2024
February 8, 2024 The mixture of the sacred and the profane brings together different intentions in a spicy cauldron, and the beauty of the party lies in this fearless delivery of intensity. Art is also a huge feast of different views and intentions and has the ability to re-signify the past through the eyes of the present. We have selected three artistic works that historically relate Carnival to the present, freely but intentionally. Read More
Cupido, por Renata Aragão

Cupid, by Renata Aragão

— January 31, 2024
"Married, a partner, and collaborator with Fernando for almost 13 years, we shaped the Institute with Sergio still alive, and today we run, together, the Sergio Rodrigues Atelier and the Sergio Rodrigues Institute." Read More 
Me Refastelando com Sergio Rodrigues e Handred, por Sandra Freitas

Sitting Back With Sergio Rodrigues and Handred

— January 31, 2024
In that house in Botafogo, where the Sergio Rodrigues Institute is now headquartered, I accompanied the man himself, choosing the drawings/cartoons that would decorate the space where his furniture was exhibited. Traits that blend inspiration and technique, the air the artist breathed and the tools he used from boy to architect, the Brazilian cultural references and the artisanal and mathematical formulas of making something then depreciated into something valuable. Read More
Homo Ludens, ou uma conversação arquitetônica em roda com Sergio Rodrigues, por Ligia Nobre

Homo Ludens, or an architectural conversation in a circle with Sergio Rodrigues Ligia Nobre

— January 24, 2024
It was the afternoon of August 15 th, 2014, in an informal and affectionate conversation circle with Sergio Rodrigues, when this meeting took place, which, nine years later, is being shared here for the first time. Read More
Conversas de Mãos, por Adélia Borges

Conversations with hands, by Adélia Borges

— January 17, 2024
Sergio’s drawings reveal the thoughts behind the furniture, his vision of the future embedded in them – a conception of tropical living, pleased with life, comfortable, free, Brazilian. There is no doubt that he wasn’t copying anything or anyone. Informal, good-humored, vibrant with life, his works bring forth the human being not only for scale reference, but they make it clear that wellbeing and friendly coexistence among people were the designer’s ultimate objective. Read More
Introdução ao Sergio, por André Namitala

André Namitala, Introduction to Sergio

— January 11, 2024
"I´ve always loved spacious, comfortable pieces where the body can dance, breathe, and sprawl out. Later, I discovered that Sergio Rodrigues spoke the same language when creating a chair." See More
Horizonte, por Fernando Mendes

Perspective, by Fernando Mendes

— January 02, 2024
The countless characters that Sergio Drew, as well as his self-caricatures throughout his 60 years of creation, express humanity with gestures, movements, paraphernalia and clothing. We can say that Sergio had some fascination with fashion, in his very unique Sergio Rodrigues way of being. See More
Estampa Cuiabá - Jogo de xadrez entre círculos e retângulos, por Marina Dias Teixeira

Cuiabá Print - The chess match between circles and rectangles, by Marina Dias Teixeira

— December 18, 2023
Despite their simplified construction, the pieces in the Cuiabá line retain the characteristics of this great master: aesthetics, comfort, innovation and finish.
These very qualities apply masterfully to Handred’s clothing. See More
Universos e Órbitas, por Vinicius Alencar

Universe and Orbits, Vinicius Alencar

— December 04, 2023
This partnership celebrated in the Handred Sergio Rodrigues Collection is not just about clothing, but about identification, legacy, and craftsmanship. There's an intoxicating scent of nostalgia in the air, movements that capture the eye, and prints that bring smiles. Modernism stripped of the past and dressed in freedom, in its broadest sense. READ MORE