Mini-doc Coleção Handred Sergio Rodrigues

Mini-doc Coleção Handred Sergio Rodrigues

— November 29, 2023
Assista nosso mini documentário sobre a coleção Handred Sergio Rodrigues. VEJA MAIS
Kika Diniz, técnicas e materiais que desconstroem a imagem

Kika Diniz, techniques and materials that deconstruct the image

— September 26, 2023
“The Capitonê print from our 2024 summer preview began to be created with strokes of paint on a canvas based on a commission. We had a pleasant chat with Kika regarding her intention to transform images and what techniques she uses. READ MORE
Guia Cultural Leblon

Leblon Cultural Guide

— September 08, 2023
“Tips on how you can enjoy the neighborhood beyond diving into the ocean and
taking in the sights. READ MORE
As linhas de Filipe Jardim e Higienópolis

The lines of Filipe Jardim and Higienópolis

— August 16, 2023

"I'm fascinated by this moment when Brazil looks at Brazil, in modernism. In this neighborhood, specifically in Higienópolis, one could spend a lifetime drawing." READ MORE

Crônica inventada de uma sessão de cinema

A made up story of a movie session

— June 02, 2023
The lights go out, sounds of kissing and popcorn being shared can be heard… What if some iconic couples in the world of the arts shared a cinematic experience in the same room? READ MORE
Coleção Entre-Ondas, por Ademar Britto

Entre-Ondas Collection, by Ademar Britto

— May 12, 2023

Given the mutual interest in collaboration between both ateliers, the Entre-Ondas collection is born, where signs of the artist and the designer’s repertoires mix in a production in which there is a careful treatment of the patterns and embroideries that find new spatial and tailoring configurations. READ MORE

Francisco Pellegrini, pianista da natureza

Francisco Pellegrini, pianist of nature

— April 19, 2023

While observing nature from up close in his daily life, Chico thinks about his compositions: “Making music is organizing sounds and creating a private universe, infinitely diverse. I understand that harmony and beauty are characteristics that are intrinsic to nature, and the music that I like to make is too: simultaneously complex and exuberant in its small details, but simple and beautiful for its harmony in its totality.” READ MORE

Lenora de Barros, artista camaleão

Lenora de Barros, chameleon artist

Luiza Pollo — April 05, 2023

Lenora de Barros's “ex-current self-portrait” could include: visual artist, poet, curator, columnist, photography editor, art director, performer, linguist. Beyond words and the theoretical universe of concrete poetry, her works expose provocative records through photography, video art and performance. Lenora is multiple. READ MORE

Trama das Deusas — costura e conto, por Gabriela Caruso

Thread of Goddesses — sewing and stories, by Gabriela Caruso

— March 08, 2023

This relationship between female roles, domestic work and care was what associated them to this capacity of creation of community ties. They are the ones who pass on knowledge, who build the threads that interlace the lives of people and the affection that sustains relationships. That is why female figures, in mythology, are assigned the skill and responsibility of weaving and creating, and thus sewing and interlacing the threads that, in their mixtures, become something more than the sum of different individuals, become life, become community. READ MORE

Carnaval, Clímax Corporal — Carlos Vergara e o Cacique de Ramos, por Luísa Pollo

Carnival, Corporeal Climax — Carlos Vergara and the Cacique de Ramos, by Luísa Pollo

— February 15, 2023

Vergara wore the skin of the Caciques and generated “complicity between the observer and the observed”. Incorporated to the crowd, Vergara is now part of the group. In a relationship of sensory commitment, the bloc party’s only demand was to have Will. The possibility of squeezing oneself in and feeling free. READ MORE

Um papo e uma dança com Retinto Fercar

A chat and a dance with Retinto Fercar

— January 27, 2023

Intrinsic ancestral knowledge and the dancing search for a free life guided by music, colors, movement and respect. READ MORE

O mar do A.MAR

The sea of A.MAR

— January 26, 2023

The project values the culture of isolated caiçara communities, who live without electricity, and rescues ancestral techniques of fish conservation. This content inaugurates our partnership with The Summer Hunter magazine. READ MORE