— June 02, 2023
The lights go out, sounds of kissing and popcorn being shared can be heard… What if some iconic couples in the world of the arts shared a cinematic experience in the same room? READ MORE

The lights go out, sounds of kissing and popcorn being shared can be heard.

Vivian Caccuri and Thiago Lanis are sitting as close as possible to the speakers, causing sound interference and creating a new movie-going experience.

Rita and Roberto kiss nonstop, their hands can’t be seen. They write a song right then and there, in the darkness of the cinema. Agnès Varda is sitting in her own director chair, separate from the others. She directs her partner, Jacques Demy, who operates the camera, making a movie about people watching a movie.

Andy Warhol takes scandalous selfies while opening a Campbell soup can and Billy Name lines the walls with laminated paper. The polaroids are passed out among the spectators in the dark room, an invitation to a party that will happen in the same location, after the session.

Frida Kahlo adjusts the flower on Chavela Vargas’ suit. The passionate lovers laugh silently while taking avid sips of a bottle of tequila they smuggled into the room.

Lina Bo Bardi hardly pays attention to her surroundings, as she is obsessed with the chairs signed by her friend Sergio Rodrigues. Her husband Pietro fantasizes about taking this unexpected, inventive event to MASP, a movie session where anything can happen.

Tarsila do Amaral and Oswald de Andrade remained silent all this time, baffled. Suddenly, Tarsila gets up, opens her painting case and walks over to the blank canvas. Over the images being projected, she hurls jets of paint, in a free style totally different to her own. Oswald takes his pen and notebook and inevitably begins writing a poem.

The lights turn on, everyone freezes. The session has come to an end.

Text by Luísa Pollo.